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Jelly Fruit is a fresh action game where you are making a fruit jelly. Your goal is to catch juicy fruits while keeping away nasty bugs. The game features 3 different gameplay modes and an upgrade shop which allows you to become true jelly master!


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Pavel Kivalin
Elvira Kivalina
Andrey Popovich

Hello! My name is Pavel Kivalin. Some time ago I was sitting in Social Quantum office working on another farm game for social networkes. Suddenly I was struck with an idea of creating my own game. Being unable to compete with AAA giants like Clash of Clans, I decided to create a simple but fun time-killing game. After a brainstorm with my wife Elvira and my friend Andrey we decided to create a game about making a Fruit Jelly, where player must catch juicy fruits while avoiding nasty bugs.

By a lucky coincidence my wife turned out to be an artist from Creat Studios and my friend - a game designer from Wargaming. So be it! I quit the job and started my own project. In order to burn the bridges I decided to move with my wife from St. Petersburg to exotic Thailand. The adventure began! And now after several months of hard work we are ready to release our game - Jelly Fruit! It’ll be available for free downloading from Appstore and Google Play on 6th March 2014.

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